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5 Ways to Make a Rich Man Fall in Love with You

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    Seduction is one thing, but what about love? One challenge (and a challenge that many women cannot complete) is making a rich man fall in love with you. Sex is easy. Even dating and crushing on someone is doable. But getting a man to fall in love can be a challenge. For that matter, getting a RICH man to fall in love with you – and not a hundred other women – is a unique challenge all its own. 

    In this article, we’re going to discuss five date a millionaire tips to do this. 

    Be confident – but make the confidence real. 

    What works best is internal confidence, the kind that comes from being a successful woman who is happy in the life she’s chosen for herself. Are you living up to your potential? Are you achieving the goals you set? This is what gives you confidence and far beyond faking it. 

    Learn what’s important to him. 

    The best way to connect with a man so that he falls in love is to bond with him. How do you do this? By learning what motivates him, what he values, and why he thinks and feels the way that he does. Most women never make this kind of effort to bond. But this is ultimately what a man wants the most – to find a soulmate! 

    Find common interests in conversation and lifestyle. 

    You must build a strong foundation built on common interests. Do you have similar backgrounds and childhoods? Do you have similar hobbies and passions? Do you have similar careers or charity projects? Is your conversation always smooth and fun, because you think alike on many issues? Is your political and religious viewpoint very similar, if not exactly alike?

    These are the common interests and values that define the stability of relationships. Opposites may attract in the beginning but they usually don’t stay together very long. 

    Be independent, but enjoy his company. 

    A rich man definitely wants his future wife to be independent. He doesn’t want a subservient wife. He doesn’t want a pushover or a bimbo. He wants someone independent, with their own life, and their own ambitions. He wants you to achieve your own dreams and goals in life, but he’s not going to do it for you. 

    But on the other hand, he also wants someone who ENJOYS being with him. You’re not needy for his attention. You just enjoy talking, sharing, and experiencing things together. Two independent people will make a stronger marriage. 

    Be ambitious – about something else besides money. 

    Lastly, it’s time to channel your ambitions into something worthwhile. Remember, he already has money. So he doesn’t care too much about making more money. He wants something better. Ambition that’s more focused on improving humanity, helping people, and doing great things in the name of progress. 

    As we’ve learned, making a rich man fall in love with you is challenging, but certainly doable by a woman who’s smart and empathetic. The key is to focus on bonding together and trusting each other. Not every day will be a fantastic day. But as long as you can have mutual respect, trust, and a genuine admiration for each other’s best qualities, love will come shining through. 

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