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Terms of Use

Date a millionaire is a great platform where the rich can interact with each other as well as other users for no string attached fun or relationships. When you use this website, you’ll agree to all the terms of use that will be pointed out below. All the terms and conditions mentioned below are subject to change at any times.

  • To use date a millionaire, you have to be 18 years of age and over.  No one under the age of 18 is allowed to register on this website and accounts discovered to belong to anyone under 18 will be deactivated.
  • During the account creation process, you’ll be allowed to create a unique username and a password of your choice. It is your responsibility to ensure that your chosen password is strong and can’t easily be figured out by anyone. If you discover any suspicious behavior on your account once your account has been created, please notify the customer service team immediately. After you finish creating your account, you will not share personal information like your home address, workplace, phone, and more with anyone.
  • You will not use date a millionaire to promote products or services belonging to you or other companies. This is strongly an online dating platform and any improper use of this website will be looked into thoroughly and where necessary, legal action will be taken. You have the power to close your profile anytime should you wish to not use it anymore.
  • Date a millionaire owns all the rights on this platform and users are not allowed to publish, sell, share and modify anything under the platform’s name.
  • You will respect other users on this platform and you will not impersonate anyone available else.
  • It is up to you to control the content you share with others on Date a millionaire. Basic information you provide like your email address, hobbies, age, and location might be shared with third-party partners.
  • Sexual exploitation of minors, racism, pornography, providing fake information, drug-taking, promoting harm to others and any other activity deemed illegal are not allowed on this platform. Never publicly display your real name, home address, work address, phone number, and email address on this platform.
  • Soliciting sex to minors is an offense and if you are caught engaging in such an activity, your account will be terminated and the police will be notified.
  • You are not allowed to post content that you have no right to. Stay clear of trademark and copyrighted materials unless you have permission to use them.