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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Date a Millionaire shows how information collected from members is used as well as measures that are in place to ensure everyone is safe as they use this platform. Date a Millionaire has strict measures in place to ensure the information provided by users is kept private, secure, and safe.

When you use Date a millionaire, you will agree to the policies that will be pointed out which are subject to change at any time. Every time that changes are made, members will be notified by email however, it is advised to check the website for any news on changes every few weeks. If members are having trouble understanding this privacy policy, they can contact customer service at any time to get the help they need.

Information Date a millionaire collects during the registration process

  • Date of birth of users
  • Email address
  • Name of user
  • Location
  • Extra information is collected on the site as members communicate and use the platform through browsing and messaging others.

How is the collected information used by Date a millionaire

  • Date a Millionaire uses the information to improve the overall quality experience members get on the platform.
  • Fix any bugs, improve the user interface and implement any requested changes quicker.
  • Any information used to pay for memberships and perks is kept secure so that you can make payments again if you wish without having to enter the details on your card all over again.
  • Send members promotional emails, newsletters, and more regarding the website.

How does Date a Millionaire protect the information of their members?

  • Cybercrime technology is used by Date a millionaire to ensure that any information collected is not leaked but kept secure at all times. Hackers are kept at arm’s length thanks to a powerful encryption system.
  • Any information provided by members on Date a Millionaire will not be shared with third parties without consent.

Extra links on Date a Millionaire

Date a millionaire has links and ads that belong to third parties. When users click on the third-party site, they will be taken to that party’s site and Date a millionaire will not be held responsible should any of your personal information be leaked while using that site. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are safe when you click on third-party sites.

Control the information you get from Date a millionaire

The information that members provide on Date a millionaire is shared and used in-house only. If any member wishes to minimize how their information is used, they can do the following

  • Clicking the “Do Not Share” option during the account registration process
  • Speak directly to customer service and tell them to step collected any information you share on the platform
  • Going on your profile Home Screen allows you to make changes to your information on display
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your information is up to date.