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8 Mistakes Millionaires Make Finding a Wife

    rich men dating

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    Believe it or not, successful men in business make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes in business, true. After all, some rich guy greenlit the awful CGI movie “Cats”. But more often, rich men make mistakes in matters of love. Why is this? Maybe because business is logical. But love is all about the complication and the little details. Here are some of the most common mistakes rich men make.

    They use awful websites. 

    Millionaires ought to know by now, they’re never going to find a high value wife on sites like Craigslist and Ashley Madison! They want a real woman, someone who’s worth millions. That means it’s time to use a better quality rich dating site

    They put too much emphasis on money. 

    Instead of showcasing what makes them interesting as human beings, they might be too focused on money. This can be a mistake because successful women are not overly concerned with money. 

    They don’t show respect. 

    Some obnoxious millionaires feel entitled to treat women poorly. They think they can get away with it, because they have lots of money. But a successful and confident woman won’t put up with that. 

    They let their worst qualities show. 

    If a rich man is narcissistic (and sadly, some millionaires are) their qualities may show sooner than you think. If he seems self-absorbed, is constantly bragging, or trashing his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife, this could be a red flag. 

    They are way too picky and it shows. 

    Some rich guys are fairly nice but they have unrealistic expectations about women. They might think that women ought to be physically perfect, or have all the exact same political views, and other similar things. But a man shouldn’t be too picky or he will lose the opportunity to date someone special. 

    The date is too much like a job interview. 

    Some men make the mistake of interrogating a woman on a date, figuring she needs to measure up to the job requirements. But rich men dating is not a job interview! There should be more fun conversation and more emotional connection – not just a series of questions. 

    They confuse dating with sexual kinks. 

    If you’ve ever seen Fifty Shades of Grey, then you know some billionaires out there are freaks in bed. Unfortunately, they may confuse their sexual kink for love. But these are often times, two very different things – and very different reasons to find a date. 

    They are rebounding too soon. 

    It’s also possible some rich guys just got out of a bad relationship with an ex, and should be taking a break for a while. But if he’s already dating, his head is probably not on right. He needs more time to forgive the past and focus on the present. So take things slow. 

    In closing, remember those millionaire men still want the same thing that all men do. They just have higher expectations and more opportunities. You have to bring your best A-game to the table. But in the end, once you have that $100,000 engagement ring, it’s always worth it!