Chisomo Kasiya
March 18, 2021

How To Tell If The Rich Guy At Work Is Into You

Advanced Advice

If you are a woman working for a very successful company, there is a very high chance you work with male employees earning a very high salary. Sometimes unexpectedly, you might find yourself having a crush on them. There is nothing wrong with this however, how can you tell if the feeling is mutual since most of them like to keep things professional and mask their intentions. This article will highlight a few things you should keep an eye out for that will let you know that the rich guy at work is into you.

1. He communicates with you more than anyone else

If he wants to hang out with you more or speak to you often more than your co-workers, chances are he wants to be more than friends with you. This is the clearest sign you can get because he wants you to himself and will get slightly jealous when he sees you speaking to anyone else at work. It is only a matter of time before he asks you out on a date.

2. You have an inside joke with him

Having an inside joke or jokes with a guy at work can be a platform for something more in the future. If you notice that he is sharing secrets with you, you are both making funny faces when you see each other, know that you’ve made it inside his inner circle and he’s into you.

3. Prolonged eye contact

Eye contact between two people is a very powerful thing and a sign of connection. When you are busy at work with meetings, reports to write, etc, you'll not have plenty of time to lose your co-workers in the eyes for a prolonged period. If you notice that there is frequent eye contact between you and the rich fellow at work, it's a classic sign of intimacy and attraction.

4. He wants some alone time with you

With plenty of people around and so much to do at work, it can be tricky for co-workers to forge a relationship since there isn’t a lot of private time together. If he is into you, you will notice that he will do everything he can to get some alone time with you. He will have his lunch next to you, talk about things with you away from other people, or might even ask the superiors to have you work alongside him as much as possible.

5. He’ll want to see you after work hours

If he is attracted to you, he will make it a priority to see you outside the office. He will avoid asking you out on the job because he wants to keep things professional but when you notice that he is making excuses to see you as much as possible after work, know that he is into you. Many co-workers don't spend time together away from work but if you see that he is going out his way to get your attention, you shouldn't ignore this as it is a classic sign he wants something more.

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