Chisomo Kasiya
March 18, 2021

How To Ask a Rich Man Out On a Date

Advanced Advice

Usually, it is men who ask women out on a date but these days when a woman likes a man, they tend to make the first move. This article is for women who are looking to ask a rich man out on a date. These dating tips can be used in a variety of dating scenarios however, just make sure that the man you're about to ask out on a date isn't taken or married. The last thing you want is to cause unnecessary drama in their life as well as yours.

1. Get the timing right

What is classed as a date varies from person to person and if you are about to ask someone out, wait for the right moment and make it clear to them that it is a date. Since they are rich and have a lot of responsibilities, they might have less free time compared to you so you need to get the timing right. Ask them about the schedule and when they’re usually free and schedule a date accordingly. You will earn yourself extra brownie points because you are being considerate.

2. Know the things that interest him

To increase your chances of success, you have to make him an offer that can’t be turned down. If there’s a movie, football game, a musical he wants to go and see, offer to take him there on a date. Get to know the fan and figure out what he likes and pick accordingly.

3. Dress to impress

Before stepping up to a man and asking him out, make sure that you look stunning and have a high level of confidence. Don’t feel nervous when approaching them but instead be cool, calm, and collected. If a rich man sees a good-looking woman walking straight at him and asks to go out on a date, he will find it hard to say no.

4. Send a picture of an event you’d like to take him

If there’s a concert you want to go to, a friend or family member’s wedding, and more, send a picture to him if you are finding the direct approach too nerve-racking. You can leave a comment along the lines of “would you like to be my date for this event?”.

5. Avoid inviting him to events that don’t suit his personality

This goes hand in hand with the second point on this list which is "know the things that interest him". Don't invite him to something scandalous from the get-go because it can give off some wrong vibes. Family reunions should also be avoided especially if it's the first date because he will feel uncomfortable and intimidated to be surrounded by your loved ones so quickly.

6. Don’t come across as generic

Do something different and creative when asking him out for a date remember, it has to be something he can't refuse. If you are going to send me a text message, make it memorable and original. Send a few texts back and forth with him in the build-up to asking him out. Make the conversation fun, enjoyable, and lighthearted before you make your move.

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