Chisomo Kasiya
March 18, 2021

5 Types of Women That Rich Men Can’t Resist

Advanced Advice

What if you could pique the brain of a rich man? What would he tell you - especially the advice that matters, such as “What do you look for in a woman?”

If you’re thinking the answer is “Looks!” or “Money!” you’re wrong. Millionaire men are looking for a certain type of personality that’s worth a “million bucks” so to speak. 

Well, what kind of woman fetches that kind of price tag? In this discussion, we’re going to discuss five different personality types that millionaire men can’t resist!

Uninhibited Artistic Soul 

Well, is there any better proof than the coupling of billionaire Elon Musk and Claire Elise Boucher “Grimes”? Elon’s all business and Grimes is eccentric, to say the least. Many rich men really find artistic women interesting. If a man wants passion in his life, meeting an artist is certainly a way to get in touch with those feelings. 

Super Confident Achiever

Just as many men respect women who are doers, achievers, and dreamers that get stuff done. They want someone they can relate to. It’s not unusual for rich men to date female entrepreneurs or charity organizers, or something else that’s very challenging work. They want someone that is confident and takes pride in their careers. 

Femme Fatale

That’s not to say that “sexy” is ignored. Men LOVE sexy femme fatale personalities. They love the mystery these women project. The confidence. The hint of danger. They want strong women who challenge them and make them feel attracted, even against their will. The key is to be a dangerous femme fatale in personality, but not in “real life.” After all, no guy wants to get mixed up with a psycho! Be mysterious when you flirt, but down to earth in relationships. 

The Good Wife

Men always love women who give of themselves and make sacrifices to make a home and a family. This doesn’t mean you have to be a housewife. No, what matters is how devoted you are to the family unit. If you want children, you’re organized and prepared. You do your research and figure out the type of home that the rich man wants, and you help him to create this family dynamic. 

The Adventurer

Finally, what man doesn’t love a good adventurer? Well, maybe a lot of Tinder guys avoid adventurous girls that actually want to get out of the house and go do something fun. Some guys really just want to stay at home, have sex, get high, and then sleep in the next morning. 

But many rich guys want an adventure. They want to do something active, fun, and challenging. Are you willing to take that awesome hike or jog with them? 

Now that you know what men are looking for, you can add your own unique style to these five basic seduction strategies. By now you know what it takes to attract a man. With your own personality and personal touch, you can make yourself irresistible to him, using your own traits and figuring out what turns him on. 

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