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5 Reasons Rich Men Don’t Use Tinder

    wealthy men

    Are you constantly searching Tinder or other dating apps just waiting for the IDEAL MAN to come around and announce his availability. Handsome, successful and rich! Is that too much to ask? 

    It’s not too much to ask. But…let’s be honest. It’s probably wishful thinking to assume these guys are using Tinder of all apps, to try and find their equal. News flash: Tinder is not known for high-quality single men!

    In fact, on that subject, let’s discuss five reasons why rich and successful guys don’t even bother using Tinder. 

    They really hate the idea of competing against dumb guys. 

    Let’s face it, wealthy men are proud of their lives and their abilities. They don’t even like competing against men that barely try. Some men on Tinder don’t have a job, don’t bother dressing up, and have poor conversation skills. Women too. No wonder a lot of rich guys don’t even bother installing Tinder.

    They have zero expectations from a free app. 

    These rich guys are not expecting much from a free app. In fact, their expectations are so low, they’re probably just going to browse around, maybe chat a few times, then lose interest. They don’t expect to meet anyone that’s on their level. Their low expectations may even cause them to give up searching too soon. 

    They don’t want to do anything “locally.”

    Chances are, a wealthy guy doesn’t want to meet at a Mcdonald’s or a Denny’s. He probably wants to go somewhere that he likes, a fancy restaurant, or maybe even an-all day event like a hike or sightseeing at a museum. So with these expectations in mind, he may figure there’s no one on Tinder with any creativity or passion. He might be bored quickly. 

    They have very high expectations.

    Rich men want the best that the dating world has to offer. Statistically speaking, they’re not going to find what they need on Tinder. They want a woman that offers them something unique, a woman far above average. They want someone who “matches” them in terms of looks, lifestyle, personality, and ambition. Is it any wonder why they avoid Tinder? 

    They want 90 percent of women filtered out.

    The fact of the matter is, rich guys don’t want to have to “think about” low to average profiles coming out. He just wants them eliminated, so he can scan the top choices. 

    Rich men look at dating profiles skeptically and will scan for basic information. Like job description, opening line, and hobbies. He wants someone interesting, not just another date. 

    Many sites offer ID verification and eliminate low-quality profiles for their users. Tinder is definitely not one of those sites!

    As you can see, very few rich men would be interested in joining Tinder or any other cheap or free app. They’re busy and they would rather fast-forward to relationships with real potential. In that case, it’s time for you to go looking for a rich man online! Using date a millionaire app is the best way to do it and get rid of time wasters. 

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